Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to be a gentleman Part I

I was leaving Dunkin Donuts and had my hands full.  Coming toward me through the door was a man and his young son; the son may have been about 11.  There was a woman walking behind them and she opened the door.  The man and his son both saw me standing at the door waiting to walk out, but did they do the gentlemanly thing and let me walk out first? NO! The son walked in followed directly behind the father!  This completely burns my biscuit!  Hey Man! If you were unable to open the door at least acknowledge a woman is walking out and pull your son gently away from the door and let her walk out and then let the other woman walk through the door before you two walk in.  The donuts will still be there I promise!

Fathers, raise your sons to be gentleman, for they grow into fathers that raise their sons to do the same.  Teach them to have respect for women. 

·         When a woman is in the elevator with you hold the door open and let her go first. 

·         If a woman is walking behind you and you come to a door, open it and hold it for her. (No don’t walk in first and hold it. Pull the door back and stand behind it until she has walked in.)

·         If you are walking on a sidewalk with a girlfriend or your wife, ALWAYS walk on the outside and make sure she is on the inside away from the cars.  This shows you love her enough to put your life before hers. 

·         Always open car doors for a woman. It’s nice so just do it!

·         While driving (if in separate cars) always stay behind the woman’s car.  This is to make sure she arrives safely at the destination and just in case she gets a flat tire or in my case runs out of gas (this has happened to me more than I can count) you will be there to be her white knight.

 My main concern is that It doesn’t matter if you know her or not. It’s being polite and being polite is what is important.


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