Monday, November 25, 2013

Answered Prayers.

Sorry to anyone who actually reads my blog. Which as of right now, I think it's no one. I've been a little out of it lately. My world here is slightly crazy.

After 5 and 1/2 years in Jersey Hell, and many, many prayers my little family is finally getting out of here. As of January 1, 2014 we will be Georgia residents. We are a little scared but so excited. Since we moved to NJ I kept saying I was going to get back south but nothing I did seemed to work. I begged and pleaded and pitched many hissy fits but the hubs wasn't budging. Finally, after many nights of very specific prayers The Good Lord finally opened a door for us. My job had an opening in the Atlanta office. I mentioned the opening in passing to Hubs and he quickly (i think without thinking) told me to apply for it. Once I told my office my interest in the position, they quickly jumped on it and had me transferred. As of November 1st I started working for the Atlanta office out of my NJ office.

Panic sunk in!

The Hubs and I took one weekend, flew down to Atlanta, looked at 24, yes 24, houses and found our perfect house. We are in love. We close in 2 weeks and will have 2 more weeks after that before we move. I wish I had thought about this a little more. I would not have chose to move right after Christmas and right before Hubs birthday. Poor guy has never really had a birthday. I mean technically the whole world is celebrating with him on New Years Eve.

There is SO much to do in the 5 weeks I really don't think I have much time to breathe. I hope I remember to. I just have to remember that God brought this miracle to us, He's going to help us get through it. We all just need to TRUST him with everything.


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