Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I want to be a writer and thankful ramblings

I love to write! Growing up, I use to sit down with a pen and a notebook and write novels.  In my personal opinion they were pretty good.  Now with a husband, a toddler and 2 large dogs I can’t seem to find the time to even journal.   

I want so bad to be a great writer!  I know it’s in me somewhere. I’ve read somewhere that you just have to write. Don’t think about it and just write. So whoever actually reads this may just have to suffer through my ramblings.  

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  One of my favorite holidays, actually now that I think about it, I think all the holidays are my favorite.  But Thanksgiving is just YUMMY.  I’m not too crazy about turkey but oh how I love dressing, dumplings (the southern kind of course) and pumpkin pie.

I know Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food.  For some people it’s the sales on Black Friday, or as it will be this year, Thanksgiving Night.  I personally think it’s disgusting that stores are so greedy that they are taking away from their employee’s family time and making them work tomorrow.  How about the corporate heads come out and work instead of making their employees do it?

I remember working retail and dreading working the day after Thanksgiving but was always happy that we would be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Wow! How things have changed.

The whole purpose of Thanksgiving is for us to all reflect on what we actually have (not what we want) and be grateful. 

I am very blessed!  I have an amazing, smart and healthy little boy. He brings such joy every day.   Even on the days the terrible twos are showing up.  My husband is wonderful as well!  He is a pleaser. Always trying to make me happy, where some days it is a CHORE! He likes to play Top Chef in the kitchen, some days it’s more like Kitchen Nightmares but he makes awesome chicken parmesan.  He’s also packing up and moving 800 miles away just to make this southern girl smile. God, I love him!

I have a loving extended family that is always there if we need help. Great friends who I will miss terribly and of course my 2 crazy dogs who make me laugh on even the worst of days.  Holley who knows that today is Wednesday and she’s going to have Pizza and Raven who is just deliriously happy and loves peanut butter.


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