Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday - A letter to Pip.

Dear Pip,
This is the story of your life.  You came into this world two weeks early. Boy! Were you a surprise to mama and daddy, but we were so excited to finally get to hold you in our arms.

From the moment mama got pregnant you were a handful.  Mama was REALLY sick the first 3 months and lost 7lbs. By 15 weeks she was already feeling you ninja kicking her and you never stopped, a few times mama thought you were going to kick your way out. You wouldn’t let mama touch chicken but you sure did love tacos and brownie with chocolate frosting. The Tuesday before you were born mama finally hit the 20 lbs mark.

Mama’s water broke at 9:30pm on Thursday March 1st.  Our plan was to stay home as long as possible to make sure you could come into this world as natural as possible.  Thinking you would take your time and we would have 18-24 hours before you got here daddy decided he would start “nesting”  He started a load of laundry (we hadn’t packed our hospital bags yet), vacuum the floor and clean the bathroom. Mama wasn’t having contractions yet so JoAnn, our midwife told mama to get some rest and if they didn’t start by morning to come in the office.  Well within an hour back labor started and was 8 minutes apart. Daddy continued to clean and mama yelled at him “It’s all about me! Focus on me!” In actuality it was all about you sweet boy. Within the next hour the contractions went from 8 to 5 to 3 minutes apart.  JoAnn told us to get to the hospital. 

Pop Pop was there and had to drive us because Mama needed daddy in the backseat to try and help her feel comfortable.  Pop Pop took corners on 2 wheels, ran red lights and cut off the security guard at the hospital.  Grandma and Pop pop left us and we went to check in.  The nurse at the front desk asked if she could help us. “YES! I’m in labor” Another nurse ran out and helped me to a tub room.  Our intentions were to have a water baby but you weren’t giving us any time for that.  JoAnn came in, nurses hooked mama up to monitors and JoAnne told me I was ready to start pushing. “Really!” After an hour and a half of pushing the monitor started going off.  Your heart rate was dropping.  JoAnne said we couldn’t wait for the next contraction mama had to push.  There you were with the cord wrapped around your neck twice.  It was scary but Mama and Daddy were so blessed to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  You are truly a miracle.        
We love you little man!


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